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Posted by: anton Post Date: 05.07.2017

Guide for buying a property in Spain

In this article, we will discuss the main issues that deserve special attention before buying a property in Barcelona, ​​particularly a second hand apartment or house.

As a rule, before you make a decision, you as the buyer, have already calculated the exact amount you have available, and how much you will need as a mortgage loan. At the time of purchase of new properties in Barcelona, ​​there is usually an initial payment of 10%, a possibility of deferred payments within one or two years, and a preconceived mortgage. If you decide to buy a second hand home, in this case, the conditions change slightly, and the buyer depends on his savings and available mortgage loans.

At this stage, we suggest that you contact your bank or financial institution to inquire about the possibilities of obtaining a mortgage based on your personal characteristics. Our lawyer in Barcelona, who also speaks Russian, will help you with all the details and advise you the best solution. On the other hand, in addition to the price of an apartment in Barcelona and its possible reform, you must take into account the taxes on the registration of the real estate transaction. Therefore, it is desirable to have approximately 30% of the price, as the mortgage loan usually covers up to 80% of the appraisal valuation of a real estate in Barcelona.

What should be especially taken into account when looking for a property in Spain?

The first important factor is, of course, the price, which may or may not include, for example, garage and storage.

The second is the state of housing, and whether it will need to be renovated completely or partially.

Then check the surface of the apartment or house, especially useful and built.

What type of heating does it have and if the air conditioning is installed.

Characteristics of the building are also important: if there is an elevator, a communal terrace, or other common areas, etc. The orientation of the building and of the floor is also important for a comfortable stay.

How many neighbors there are in the same plant, if there is a community of owners and the amount of the monthly payment of the community fees.

You can also visit the area that interests you at different times of the day to know accessibility by public transport, convenience of location and availability of shops.

If all these characteristics seem appropriate and you are going to buy the selected property in Barcelona, ​​the next step is to request its official appraisal. Our company offers the services of a lawyer in Barcelona at all stages of acquiring real estate or of opening a business in Spain.

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