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Posted by: anton Post Date: 09.12.2016

Investor Residence in Spain: the subtleties and recommendations

Gold Visa issued to Spain for one year, it is privileged and allows easy movement within the Schengen area.

The European Union, despite a series of political unrest, national and economic, remains consistently attractive to people from different countries of the world. Spain, as a member of the EU, is no exception. The ancestor of bullfighting, flamenco and sherry draws its energy, expanse of the Mediterranean beaches, sunny days, a good geographical location, rich culture and promising investment projects. This country is for those who know how to combine the pragmatic views with the rest, he knows a lot about the high level of service, configured to achieve this goal.

It should be noted that the Spanish legislation is one of the most loyal and thoughtful towards foreign investors. For example, a law was passed in 2013, which offers great opportunities for the investor visa to Spain and later a residence permit.

The essence of the law is this: buying a property for 500 000 euros (the minimum amount and still funds must be private) foreign citizen can get a gold visa in Spain, which is issued for one year, it is privileged and allows easy movement within the Schengen area. In addition, the visa is not obliged to comply with any time intervals for entry or exit from Spain. It is also important that it applies not only to the purchaser of real estate, but also on members of his family. Adult children are also covered by the visa, if it is confirmed by the fact of the necessity of their content (for example, if the child is studying). By the way, an investor visa for Spain and provides more opportunity for employment and entrepreneurial activity.

Returning to the question of the investment’s contribution to the real estate, for example, that the investor is free to decide on their own how it will distribute this amount. By the way, you can buy at least five apartments 100 000 – no restrictions in this regard, no.

Further, it should be said about the possibility of registration of residence permit investors. This procedure is virtually identical to the scheme described above, but need to invest more than large amounts (from 1 million. Euro), directing them to the development of business projects in Spain, carrying out the contribution to the development of the national economy.

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