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Spain is one of the European countries with the highest educational level.  A high standart Education and Academic Intership  is also available for foreign students at a  reasonable cost.

We are able  to offer favorable conditions and programs at affordable prices, advice, reception and transfer services in primary and secondary schools in Spain through our company.

Are your children trained in a specific education system, and do you plan on moving to maintain and continue training in the same system?

Emigrante Consulting will offer full support in choosing an educational school or college in Spain, and our experts will help you to find the a training place according to the sudent profile. Also our experts will help you to make the necessary steps in order to ensure the University acces test an the corresponding interview with the selection committee as well as to prepare all the documents for a succesfull inscription.

Emigrante Consulting will conduct a consultation on the choice of an educational institution, or provide a list of the best schools and universities for further study, help translate documents, certificates or regular, help complete the necessary documents for admission or provide a Translator To accompany the school, prepare documents or obtain a residence with a right of residence in Spain on the basis of training, will provide comprehensive assistance in the adaptation of students in Spain (” concierge service ”)

Educational services

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