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Extra Services
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Taxes
  • Information support
  • Others questions

Vehicle registration

Being already a resident or non-resident in Spain, many are thinking about how to bring your own car or another mode of transport from yout country. So the question arises, how to register your vehicle and safely travel on the roads of Spain.

  • Registration and registration of the vehicle from Russia to Spain

Few people know that there is a car registration process, but our experts will help you figure it out and execute all without any problems.

  • Taxes and duties on individuals to vehicles

When registering the vehicle you must pay the appropriate taxes and duties.

Few people know that there is a car registration process, but our experts will help you figure it out and execute all without any problems.

An important aspect in the transportation is meeting deadlines from the date of importation of duty-free for registration by providing appropriate evidence.

Vehicle registration procedure is cumbersome and takes a lot of time, so we have developed a plan for “registration of vehicles from Russia to Spain” and are ready to offer you:

  1. A careful study of available documents from the owner and, if necessary, request additional documents in accordance with European Union requirements.
  2. Legal document translation
  3. The calculation is more favorable to overtake the car (road, ferry, train, etc.).
  4. Organization of Technical inspection of vehicles
  5. Filling the declaration and clearance of payment of vehicle tax
  6. Providing documents to the traffic police number plate purchases Organization
  7. Registration at the city hall of residence
  8. Selection of the insurance company and the insurance registration


  1. Transportation tax (App. Impuesto de matriculación)
  2. The tax on individuals to vehicles (App. Impuesto sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica)
  3. Single Administrative Document
  4. Technical inspection of vehicles
  5. Traffic police

When registering and setting a vehicle in Spain you must take out insurance is one of the requirements that must be met. It seems that it is quite simple, but in fact, only well-versed in this case, people will be able to understand and take out insurance. There are many offers, terms and conditions of the insurance companies with whom you need to read, spend a lot of time and still do not understand. In addition, there are corresponding requirements for insurance and from the Spanish authorities, where you will provide insurance, for example, the period of insurance, the restriction to the list of drivers, mandatory and optional insurance risks, and others.

We will help you to choose:

Our experts have all the necessary conditions and requirements by the Spanish authorities for the registration of insurance and are ready to offer:

  • Selection of insurance company
  • Preparation of all necessary documents
  • Making insurance
  • Making a payment method insurance

Information support

Information support in the form of advisory services gives you a huge positive impact and reduces your time searching for the right information.


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