Legal services

Legal services

Emigrante Consulting provides a full range of legal services related to the legal issues of physical and legal entities. Our lawyers are certified in  Barcelona and constantly monitor all changes in legislation in Spain.

With Emigrante Consulting you can get full support in the following areas:

  • Purchase and sale

Independent attorney consultation, litigation, companies incorporation, audit services, Advice in sales transactions, taxe advice,  business consultancy. Our lawyers will evaluate and minimize business risks, monitoring the execution of the different steps of the  agreements to be signed, checking all documents involved and giving a competent legal advice.

  • Agreements and Contracts

Development of an individual contract scheme to minimize the occurrence of possible risks. Our experienced lawyers will draw up the text of the different contracts and agreements to be signed in order to achieve your

  • Protection of civil rights and litigation

Experienced lawyers, based on many years of practice and basic theoretical knowledge, analyze the situation and will assess the prospects for obtaining the desired result. We always look after the interest of the client and achieve the most favorable outcome.

  • Companies incorporation

Preparation and check out of the corresponding documents. When incorporating companies one of the main steps is to draft the statutes and by-laws and subsequently the constituent documents and to monitore the correct inscription process in the Comercial Registry. The process seems simple in theory, but to avoid mistakes and problems Emigrante Consulting will in this cumbersome process.

  • Private lawyer

Private lawyer Emigrante Consulting provides professional legal and consulting assistance to individuals in the resolution of disputes, the legal and organizational problems, as well as any issues that fall under legislative norms Spain.

  • Declaration of income

Both residents and non-residents of Spain.

For Emigrante Consulting promptness of execution services and comfort of our customers are the basic criteria of work. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you the possibility of oral, written and on-line consultation in your native language!

  1. consult lead counsel on the subject of your business
  2. preparation and submission of documents to the court, process management, the appointment of the procurator
  3. opening of all types of companies in Spain in the short term from 1 month.
    providing a high level of audit company for bookkeeping
  4. conducting various family, inheritance and other cases
  5. providing counsel within concierge service
  6. preparation and presentation of the tax authorities
  7. Legal consultation


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