Medical tourism

Medical tourism

Medical centers and private clinics of Barcelona are receiving a growing number of patiens coming  from Europe, Asia and America. The use of modern techniques and the global popularity of spanish doctors in the fields of oncology, reproductive medicine, ophthalmology, and aesthetic medecine, is promoting the rapid development of medical tourism in Spain.

The cost of operations is very reasonable compared to other European clinics, considering that the recognition and prestige of medical professionals is worldwide. However, is not the only reason why many people are choosing to come to Barcelona.

One of the main advantages to come to Barcelona is the city itself. The magnificent climate of Barcelona, ​​its unique architecture, Mediterranean gastronomy, the kindness of its people, and mostly the medical professionals who will attend you, are increasingly decisive before choosing where to receive a surgery treatment in Spain or a medical checkup. Emigrante recognises the importance of your health and we want to ensure you we take it very seriously We can help you to find the right medical tests to work out what is happening to ensure you are offered the best treatment possible. We realise that sometimes medical terms are often hard to understand, let alone if you don’t speak the language, so we can find you an English Speaking doctor in Barcelona.

Emigrante experts will help you in the following areas:

    1. Order for a complete analysis in a clinic of Barcelona
    2. Selection of the clinic and arrangement for a visit with the doctor
    3. Accompaniment to the clinic and transfer service
    4. Selection of a comprehensive survey of the program and registation within 3 working days
    5. Information and follow-up on necessary interventions
    6. Selection of a personal doctor
    7. Insuring for care in private clinics

We have a wide range of hospitals in Barcelona and Emigrante work in collaboration with many of them. We work alongside  Hospital Quiron Barcelona,  Hospital Sanitas,   Hospital Instituto Marques, Hospital Dexeus and Hospital Teknon to name but a few.

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