Translation services

Translation services

For many formalities in Spain is requeired a translation or sowrn translation in order to validate  foreigner documents, particularly,  to obtain a mortgage, to apply for a residence card, and other issues.

Apart of translation is important to be aware that public documents shall be stamped with the apostille of the Hague, as birth certificates, marriage certificate, tax declaration etc.. Otherwise the document it won’t be valid unless th dcoument is just private, from a business company for instance. 

Emigrante is cooperating with a official trasnsaltor (Traductor Jurado) in and implement Professional Translation from Spanish to Russian and from Russian into Spanish in the following areas:

  • Accompaniment and interpretation of any complexity

Our translators can accompany you to a physician, notary, on business negotiations, to the store, etc.

  • Translation of any texts that do not require notarization

Correspondence with the bank, received correspondence from the various Spanish authorities (utilities, tax authorities, the mayor’s office, insurance company, community services, etc)

  • A sworn translation made by a legal translator accredited by the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

At the bank when opening a bank account or a mortgage in Spain, in the notary etc,

  • Legal translation is required on documents for obtaining a visa for Spain or for the registration of residence in Spain

The tax return, bank reference, a certificate from the bank account of the presence and movements of the account, certificate of employment, certificate of ownership, the availability of funds, deposits, certificate of birth, marriage, divorce

  • Technical and specialized translations in a short time

certificate of no criminal records, birth certificate, driver’s license, educational certificates, certificates of custody / divorce, a certificate of change of name, passport translation

We work only with qualified translators in Spain and formal legal translators, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain

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