Residence in Spain

Residence in Spain

At some point, you might need to become a legal citizen here in Spain.  We offer a wide range of services so you have all the legal documentation you need.

  • Residence permit in Spain without the right to work

The basis for obtaining a residence permit is sufficient availability of cash to stay in Spain.

  • Investor Residence – Gold Visa

Intended for investors who have carried out investments in shares and bank deposits of EUR 1 million – government bonds from 2 million euros – business projects from 1 million euros.

  • Residence permit for employment in the Spanish company

Preparation of the residence permit with the right to live and work for a foreign citizen is possible if there is a contract of employment and work in the Spanish company.

  • Student residence

Student Residence is made to undergo training course in educational institutions in Spain. Training time must exceed 90 days. If the course is longer than 6 months, the student and his family members are entitled to a residence card.

  • The residence permit as an entrepreneur

Intended for foreign citizens who are planning to open their own business in Spain.

  • Residence permits for family members

The investor’s family members also have the right to submit a request for a visa for a residence permit in Spain.

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