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Posted by: anton Post Date: 15.02.2017

Open a business in Spain – Opportunities for investors

Kingdom authorities interfere with the growth of the economy do not intend, and do everything possible to foreign investment has grown every year.

Spain – a country that has a favorable business climate, has perhaps the most loyal to the system of legislation and taxation in the European Union. A number of factors to attract private investors, encouraged to start their own business or buying ready-made business. Kingdom authorities interfere with the growth of the economy do not intend, and do everything possible to foreign investment has grown every year.

Business without a residence permit

So, to start their own business in Spain to a foreign citizen does not need to have a residence permit in the country. This already indicates the absence of obvious barriers to a potential businessman. Get only need a foreigner identification number (NIE – Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero). This number is assigned to a person who pursues business objectives: plans to buy commercial real estate in Spain, to open his own business and so on. Date of receipt of the document varies depending on whether a citizen of a country is the applicant. For citizens of the European Union and countries which are not included in its composition, terms will differ.

Get this document is quite simple. It is only necessary to apply to the Spanish immigration authorities and submit a package of documents:

A completed application form.
Copies of all the pages of the foreign passport.
The document, which confirms the cause of the request for the NIE. This may be, for example, the notarial deed with the information about the property or notarized charter company.
If documents are submitted by the representative of the applicant, then the required power of attorney.

NIE is needed in the case of contacts with the tax authorities, social security bodies. Simply put, this document is really needed, and it is worth spending some time to get it.

Starting a business

I must say that the most common forms of property in the country act: Sociedad Limitada (SL) – a limited liability company and Sociedad Anónima (SA) – Joint Stock Company. The minimum share capital for SL is about 3,000 Euro. For SA – at least 60.000 Euro. Subsequently, from the amount of the authorized capital held by a tax levy of 1%.

At the same time for the registration of non-resident enterprises to choose Spain as the administrative manager of the resident of the country – these are the rules.

Incorporation Stages

It is necessary to conclude an agreement with the administrative manager of the company (for non-residents in Spain). It can be both physical and legal entity.

This is followed to determine the unique name of the company, outlining their preferences in writing. You can choose from all three versions of names. This list is agreed in the registration authority in the capital of Spain – Madrid.

Then you need to open a bank account in the Bank of Spain, which will be registered on the organization. Account should display the flow of funds. In particular, to fix the amount of the share capital.

Thereafter follows step of preparing the batch of documents. It is a question of statutory documents, which contain information about the structure of the management bodies, the procedure for settling disputes, the procedure liquidation of the company, for accounting reporting obligations.

Further, the constituent documents notarized and sent to the registration of the Trading House of Spain to introduce the company in the commercial register. Depending on the form of ownership and the areas in which the company is busy, extra paid municipal fees.

At the final stage it is necessary to have the book keeping and the official seal of the company.

Subject specialist advice

Actually, it’s common stages of business registration procedures. If you need a substantive and detailed consultations on this matter, you are focused on the acquisition of finished business – for example, intend to buy a hotel in Spain, then use the services of service companies «Lusa Realty». We will orient you to all the subtleties, which precede and accompany the business in the country, will select the most liquid and most payback proposals on commercial real estate in Spain. Such moments as an immigration attorney in Spain, tax and legal advice, visa support, certified translations of documents will also be included in our area of ​​responsibility.

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